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Download Arabic Mehndi HD Wallpapers

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Mehndi is the most necessary thing for women in each and every event like during weddings or Eid or some other such event, without it, their ceremony is entirely imperfect. Henna makes women more beautiful. However in the list of mehndi designs, Arabic Mehndi is ruling all around the world. At first, this design was famous in just Arab countries but with the passage of time, it goes on prevailing in Asian girls as well. It is much popular in the ladies of different Asian countries. As it has some traditional view and also its flawless boundaries are the reason that why girls are so much attractive to it. Download Full HD Wallpapers of Arabic Mehndi Designs for free.

Arabic Mehndi Style Wallpaper

Arabic Mehndi Designs Wallpaper

Here are some famous Arabic Mehndi designs that girls must have to use in different occasions especially at Eid Festivals.

1)    Fully Floral Henna Design

This Arabic Design contains flowers like shape on the hands and whole hand covered with mehndi.

2)    Diagonal Palm Henna For Eid

In this type of style, girls decorate their hand with two different colors of Henna black and brown; this is a versatile style in which borders of flowers are at some distance across. It is the beautiful and eye-catching style.

3)    Simple Floral Henna pattern

This design is especially for backhand, and they can draw this pattern as quickly as possible on the special event of EID. It also has some graceful attraction.

4)    Round Tikki Style

Old but gold, this design is traditional, and mostly girls use it just for the simplicity. They can also modify it further.

You can see more wallpapers about different mehndi styles here.

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