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Classic FM London Listen Live

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Classic FM is an independent radio channel broadcasting live from London, United Kingdom. It is the most listened and favorite radio station of the audience of London, not just in the city but also it has popularity all around the globe. In the list of top 10 radio stations in the UK, it stands at number seven. Its programming includes western and classical music, events and as well as some hot and latest news. The channel formed on September 7, 1992. Classic FM London was found by GWR Group, DMGT, Sir Peter Michael and Time Warner.  Listen to Classic FM London and other UK Radio Stations Live on Listen Radios.

Listen Classic FM Live

At present the channel’s transmission is consist of new year shows, events, and some quality music also. The chairman of the radio is Ralph Bernard whereas managing director is Darren Henley.

The Jazz was formed by the station in the year of 2006 on the day of Christmas, and it was all about entertainment and jazz music. After 1.5 years The Jazz was banished because of some issues and causes. Now it is focused on playing nightly jazz programs starting from 2 am daily at night, and it is continuing from 2008 to till present.

The channel is working under the management of Global Radio, which is little British Commercial Organization. It just not owes Classic FM but also many other radio stations like Gold Radio Network, Choice FM, Heart Radio Network, XFM and LBC Radio. The radio was based in 2007, and it was founded by Ashley Tabor.

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