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Listen Capital Radio London Live

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Capital London that is also well known as Capital FM London, it is a popular radio channel programming live from London, United Kingdom. It is listed at number 5 in the ranking of top radio stations in UK. The station is managing by Global Radio, they own the station. The channel was created in October 1973. At day, it mainly focuses on shows and music. Listen to Capital Radio London at Listen Radios.

capital fm london

It plays music (western), news, speeches, showbiz and events (easter, christmas, new year) transmissions. Also Capital FM has many fans on Facebook, Twitter. Different new programmes and shows are being introducing day by day by Capital London FM. Capital London is also called as “London’s Number 1 Hit Music Station”. Capital London have four types of presenters:

Its programming includes western music, speeches, news, events like Christmas, New Year and Easter and showbiz transmission as well. You can also follow the Capital FM on Facebook or Twitter, it has large number of fan following on both social networking sites. The shows and programs of Capital FM varies with the passage of time, they present different variety day by day. The slogan of the channel Capital FM London is London’s Number 1 Hit Music Station. The station is a great legend in the area of London and other near-by regions, it is spreading all over the UK.

The presenters in the channel are categorized into 4 types.

Local presenters

Specialist presenters

Networked presenters

Former Presenters


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