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Listen Capital Radio London Live

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Capital London that is also well known as Capital FM London, it is a popular radio channel programming live from London, United Kingdom. It is listed at number 5 in the ranking of top radio stations in UK. The station is managing by Global Radio, they own the station. The channel was created in October 1973. At day, it mainly focuses on shows and music. Listen to Capital Radio London at Listen Radios.

capital fm london

It plays music (western), news, speeches, showbiz and events (easter, christmas, new year) transmissions. Also Capital FM has many fans on Facebook, Twitter. Different new programmes and shows are being introducing day by day by Capital London FM. Capital London is also called as “London’s Number 1 Hit Music Station”. Capital London have four types of presenters:

Its programming includes western music, speeches, news, events like Christmas, New Year and Easter and showbiz transmission as well. You can also follow the Capital FM on Facebook or Twitter, it has large number of fan following on both social networking sites. The shows and programs of Capital FM varies with the passage of time, they present different variety day by day. The slogan of the channel Capital FM London is London’s Number 1 Hit Music Station. The station is a great legend in the area of London and other near-by regions, it is spreading all over the UK.

The presenters in the channel are categorized into 4 types.

Local presenters

Specialist presenters

Networked presenters

Former Presenters



Classic FM London Listen Live

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Classic FM is an independent radio channel broadcasting live from London, United Kingdom. It is the most listened and favorite radio station of the audience of London, not just in the city but also it has popularity all around the globe. In the list of top 10 radio stations in the UK, it stands at number seven. Its programming includes western and classical music, events and as well as some hot and latest news. The channel formed on September 7, 1992. Classic FM London was found by GWR Group, DMGT, Sir Peter Michael and Time Warner.  Listen to Classic FM London and other UK Radio Stations Live on Listen Radios.

Listen Classic FM Live

At present the channel’s transmission is consist of new year shows, events, and some quality music also. The chairman of the radio is Ralph Bernard whereas managing director is Darren Henley.

The Jazz was formed by the station in the year of 2006 on the day of Christmas, and it was all about entertainment and jazz music. After 1.5 years The Jazz was banished because of some issues and causes. Now it is focused on playing nightly jazz programs starting from 2 am daily at night, and it is continuing from 2008 to till present.

The channel is working under the management of Global Radio, which is little British Commercial Organization. It just not owes Classic FM but also many other radio stations like Gold Radio Network, Choice FM, Heart Radio Network, XFM and LBC Radio. The radio was based in 2007, and it was founded by Ashley Tabor.


Listen Kiss FM London Online

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Kiss FM is the best radio channel broadcasting live from London, United Kingdom; it is the most listened station in the whole area. It specially focuses on the music of genre like hip hop, UK, dance and other local music. Kiss FM UK is properly functioning under the management of Bauer Radio. At first it came into being as a pirate radio channel in Oct, 1985 but right after 2 years it became as verified radio station and got a legitimate license in January 1990. The crew of the station or team of the channel includes best presenters and DJ’s which entertain listeners with best informative and talk shows. Listen to Kiss FM London Live on Listen Radios.

Listen to kiss fm online


Kiss FM UK has 4 sister stations that are mentioned below:

Kerrang! Radio

Big City Network

Heat Radio

Magic 105.4

Here is given the ownership information of Kiss FM UK.

Presently the station is working for Bauer Radio that was also known as EMAP Radio, it is one of the subsidiaries of Bauer Media Group. Apart from this there are many other radio channels working all around the country that are approximately 200 in numbers. In June 21, 2005 it also acquired the ownership of Scottish Radio Holdings. In 2008, EMAP Radio and EMAP Consumer Media was sold to Bauer.

Following are the presenters and DJ’s of the stations:

Presenter Show Period Day
Patrick Forge The Cosmic Jam Night Sunday
DJ Ez Destination Weekend Night Friday
Charlie and Rickie Breakfast Show Morning Every weekday
DJ Hype Drum and Bass Night Wednesday
Logan Sama Grime Night Monday


Cool FM 97.4 United Kingdom Radio Station

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Cool FM 97.4 is a business radio station, located in Newtownards, Northern Ireland. The station is ownership of and works for Bauer Radio and bureaucracy part of Bauer’s city community of stations.

The Cool FM 97.4 station started out broadcasting in 1990 while its sister station Downtown Radio finished simulcasting and break up its FM and AM frequencies into separate offerings. Downtown Radio persisted on 1026 kHz AM and a few FM frequencies, and Cool FM became created to transmit on the 97.4 MHz FM frequency, originally in the extra Belfast location simply. Listen to Cool FM 97.4 Fm on Listen Radios.

cool fm 97.4

Cool FM commonly performs chart and cutting-edge hit music, but also functions some specialized hours which includes Cool of Rock in the morning of every week and Cool goes Quiet from Monday to Thursday nights. The station’s Newtownards studios are based totally on the Kiltonga commercial property.
All, however, one among Cool FM’s programming is regionally offered and comprised of its Newtownards studios. Except this, The Vodafone big pinnacle 40 on Sunday hours of daylights, formed by Global Radio at its primary London studios for transmission on one hundred and forty-five business radio stations in the United Kingdom.
Neighborhood information bulletins air daily at the hours of 6 am and 10 pm however on Saturdays; there is no 7 pm bulletin. There are comprehensive newsletters at 1 pm and 5 pm and headline news on the half hour in the course of breakfast and drive time on weekdays.


Listen Hitz FM Malaysia Online

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Hitz FM is the property of AMP Radio Network, which is a branch of Astro All Asia Networks Plc, it is the best radio channel which broadcasts all over the country and transmits its signal throughout Malaysia. It is an English radio channel which is most favorite by all listeners of the region. The station is a most popular channel in all over the country and has approximately 5 million listeners in a month; people enjoy to listen a different kind of music of the station while doing their work in offices or other departments.  Listen to the channel online via Listen Radios.

Hitz fm listen live

In January 1997, the channel came into being and became a part of Malaysian FM airwaves; it was the only audio station of Astro since the October in a year ago after the beginning of satellite network.
The Malaysian Top 10 that was latterly changed to Malaysian English Top 10 began in 2000; it was transmitted every Sunday once in a week at 4 pm. It furnished the music category of Malaysian channel and thus became very popular among the listeners of the station, and their favorite genre was Indie.
In April 2001, they slightly made a change in the feature and the name of HITZ FM and renamed it into its other brand name Hitz.FM (including the dot), the service was expanded, and it was also available on a website for tuning in online and live on the internet also.


Listen to CJSW 90.9 FM Live

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CJSW 90.9 FM is the station under the ownership of University of Calgray and located on University Road of Calgary. The station was created in 17 October 1955 and its broadcasting was started before the establishment of university. CJSW is the member of Community Radio Association and National Campus, its other sister stations like The Gauntlet, a newspaper and NUTV are also belonged to this association. The station manager of the CJSW 90.9 FM is Mike Atkinson. Its catchphrase is Calgary’s Independent Radio 90.9 FM. The station plays the diverse kind of music including a wide range of music genre like Electronic, Blues, RAP, Reggae, Folk, Punk, Multicultural, Country and western, R&B Soul, Indie Pop, Metal, Jazz, Garage, and Classical etc. CSJW 90.9 FM also provides news, multicultural stuff and spoken words apart from music in the channel. You can tune in to the CJSW FM live on listenradios. ­You can also Listen to Canadian Radio Stations Live.

cjsw fm

Following are the list of programs in CJSW 90.9 FM:

Attention Surplus Rage Cage The Doppler Effect What Will the Neighbors Think? Her Royal Opinion Contramandatum Outside the Lines The Double Entendre Preserves! The Throwback: 3-D Radio The Failed Pilot/Copilot
Remote Emissions The Gospel Ov Fire The Late Night Laboratory The Blues Witness Standing on the Shoulders Yeah, What she said Student’s Union Weekly Radio Free Transylvania Folkcetera The Morning After
Radyo Pilipino Freshly Squeezed The Nocturntable Saved by the Bell Theoretically Speaking The Quizzical Suns’ Musical Revue Suffragette City Lift the Bandstand Radio Oromia Conectate Con Nash
Bunte Welle   Wooly Bully Noise Tent City Carnival Mix Unprocessed Some Velvet Mornings Jazz Fo Yo Soul! My Two Cents Flat The Ivory Tower
Avocado Daze Knotted Roots Breaking Techniques MAPL Syrup Saturday Mornings Processed Straight on ‘Til Morning Alternative to What Doom What Thou Wilt Country & Western The Phonograph Frolic The Almanacs Tombstone after Dark
CJSW Presents Music Eats Its Young The Avant Garage Mental Illness Level the Vibes Fresh out The Dryer The Passenger Seat Space + Place Bangers n’Thrash Hive Mind



Download Arabic Mehndi HD Wallpapers

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Mehndi is the most necessary thing for women in each and every event like during weddings or Eid or some other such event, without it, their ceremony is entirely imperfect. Henna makes women more beautiful. However in the list of mehndi designs, Arabic Mehndi is ruling all around the world. At first, this design was famous in just Arab countries but with the passage of time, it goes on prevailing in Asian girls as well. It is much popular in the ladies of different Asian countries. As it has some traditional view and also its flawless boundaries are the reason that why girls are so much attractive to it. Download Full HD Wallpapers of Arabic Mehndi Designs for free.

Arabic Mehndi Style Wallpaper

Arabic Mehndi Designs Wallpaper

Here are some famous Arabic Mehndi designs that girls must have to use in different occasions especially at Eid Festivals.

1)    Fully Floral Henna Design

This Arabic Design contains flowers like shape on the hands and whole hand covered with mehndi.

2)    Diagonal Palm Henna For Eid

In this type of style, girls decorate their hand with two different colors of Henna black and brown; this is a versatile style in which borders of flowers are at some distance across. It is the beautiful and eye-catching style.

3)    Simple Floral Henna pattern

This design is especially for backhand, and they can draw this pattern as quickly as possible on the special event of EID. It also has some graceful attraction.

4)    Round Tikki Style

Old but gold, this design is traditional, and mostly girls use it just for the simplicity. They can also modify it further.

You can see more wallpapers about different mehndi styles here.