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Listen to CJSW 90.9 FM Live

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CJSW 90.9 FM is the station under the ownership of University of Calgray and located on University Road of Calgary. The station was created in 17 October 1955 and its broadcasting was started before the establishment of university. CJSW is the member of Community Radio Association and National Campus, its other sister stations like The Gauntlet, a newspaper and NUTV are also belonged to this association. The station manager of the CJSW 90.9 FM is Mike Atkinson. Its catchphrase is Calgary’s Independent Radio 90.9 FM. The station plays the diverse kind of music including a wide range of music genre like Electronic, Blues, RAP, Reggae, Folk, Punk, Multicultural, Country and western, R&B Soul, Indie Pop, Metal, Jazz, Garage, and Classical etc. CSJW 90.9 FM also provides news, multicultural stuff and spoken words apart from music in the channel. You can tune in to the CJSW FM live on listenradios. ­You can also Listen to Canadian Radio Stations Live.

cjsw fm

Following are the list of programs in CJSW 90.9 FM:

Attention Surplus Rage Cage The Doppler Effect What Will the Neighbors Think? Her Royal Opinion Contramandatum Outside the Lines The Double Entendre Preserves! The Throwback: 3-D Radio The Failed Pilot/Copilot
Remote Emissions The Gospel Ov Fire The Late Night Laboratory The Blues Witness Standing on the Shoulders Yeah, What she said Student’s Union Weekly Radio Free Transylvania Folkcetera The Morning After
Radyo Pilipino Freshly Squeezed The Nocturntable Saved by the Bell Theoretically Speaking The Quizzical Suns’ Musical Revue Suffragette City Lift the Bandstand Radio Oromia Conectate Con Nash
Bunte Welle   Wooly Bully Noise Tent City Carnival Mix Unprocessed Some Velvet Mornings Jazz Fo Yo Soul! My Two Cents Flat The Ivory Tower
Avocado Daze Knotted Roots Breaking Techniques MAPL Syrup Saturday Mornings Processed Straight on ‘Til Morning Alternative to What Doom What Thou Wilt Country & Western The Phonograph Frolic The Almanacs Tombstone after Dark
CJSW Presents Music Eats Its Young The Avant Garage Mental Illness Level the Vibes Fresh out The Dryer The Passenger Seat Space + Place Bangers n’Thrash Hive Mind


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